A Kitui Witchdoctor Story


This is a true story of when my I took my married friend to a witchdoctor to obtain a love potion.


My friends name is Faith. Ironically I do not think she has much faith herself, otherwise she would not have resorted to seeking witchdoctors from Kitui in eastern province of Kenya. We come from the central province and we had heard stories of how powerful witchdoctors from Kitui were.



Faith’s problem was her husband Mwangi.  Mwangi was a womanizer with no apologies to make. He did not even bother to be discreet about his affairs and the whole of Nyeri town knew of how promiscuous he was. He claimed that as an African man he was polygamous in nature and there was nothing anyone could do to eradicate his philandering ways.


My friend had heard about a specific witchdoctor who would give a love potion called ‘kamute’, that one put’s in their spouse’s food and they become faithful henceforth. Faith was at a point where she was so desperate and willing to try anything. So she got a hefty amount of money, as the potion was quite expensive, and asked me to accompany her to Kitui.


When we got there we located the witchdoctor quite fast as he was well known. Faith explained that she wanted her husband not to look at other women and to always come home to her every day. The witchdoctor gave her something wrapped in a piece of red cloth and instructed her to put a pinch of it in his food for a week. His instructions were very strict. She paid the ‘doctor’ and we went back home.


After two days Faith came knocking on my door very early in the morning. She was crying that her husband was sick, that he could not leave the house, he was urinating and passing stool in his clothes. He had become an insane.  We went back to Kitui and the doctor pointed out that Faith must not have followed the instructions. Faith had put the potion in his food, but her husband did not eat the food. So she made him some tea and put it in the tea. That was where the mistake was. She had not followed instructions. Unfortunately the results are irreversible and Faith has to deal with the consequences.




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